taekwondo sparring gear

Taekwondo Sparring Gear

Do you know what kind of martial arts involves a lot of kicking? And punching? Well, you are right! If Taekwondo is the answer you have on your mind. The use of the sparring gear is essential. In Taekwondo. It has a lot of high-impact techniques. There are many taekwondo sparring gear. But the most common are the following: headgear, footgear, hand gear, chest protector, and groin guard. To know more about them, keep your eyes on this article.

Headgear as a Common Taekwondo Sparring Gear

Taekwondo is a kind of martial art that uses blow movements. And this kind of movement can have an impact. To an individual. In addition, the use of a headgear can also prevent. From serious injuries. Like concussions. And to avoid injuries with that kind of impact, headgear is the best. For protecting the head.

As one of the common taekwondo sparring gear. Headgear also helps in improving the vision. For head protection. And in providing a clear vision. In terms of the designs. Some headgears have an open-face design. Especially during taekwondo competitions. And it provides better visibility and peripheral vision. Which are very important.But for recreational sparring gear an open-face design. Can still be used.

Hand Gear

Taekwondo involves a lot of punches. And strikes movements. And hand gear can help. As a taekwondo sparring gear. With these kinds of movements. For safety. And protection. A typical headgear is padded. In the back of the hand, wrist, and the knuckles. To provide better protection. And proper ventilation. As the hands can sweat easily.

When buying a sparring gear. There are three things need to consider: quality, breathability. And durability. The three important factors are important not just for protection. But also for the overall experience. So better include hand gear. When playing taekwondo to your list of essential taekwondo sparring gear.

Foot Gear

The feeling of comfort is important. In any kind of sports. And physical activity. Like in taekwondo sparring gear. An ideal foot gear is the one that has a cushion. With this kind of material used, the impact of the strikes would be less painful. And can help in avoiding uneasy feelings. Especially during competition and training.

Chest Protector

Chest guards are usually made of materials such as foam, mesh, and plastic. These materials are lightweight. And durable. They are mostly used in chest guards to better absorb the impact. Of movements like punches and strike. High-impact strikes and punches can cause injury. So a chest guard can really help. In reducing and preventing injuries.

Chest protector is a taekwondo sparring gear worn over the chest, ribs, and abdominal area. And it helps in providing extra protection. During sparring.

Groin Guard

A Groin Guard is a taekwondo sparring gear that is used. In the pelvic area. It is designed to protect the crotch and the abdo guard. Or also known as the groin guard. 

Groin Guard is typically worn by males. And they are worn over underwear. Or shorts that cover the genital and pelvic area. The groin area is a sensitive and vulnerable part of the body. And it is prone to injuries in Taekwondo. Which uses techniques like kicks and strikes. With that being said, protection is really a must.

Taekwondo is known to be played during competitions. And in competitions, there are rules. That needs to be followed. Most of the rules in taekwondo are about wearing the proper gear. When deciding on your taekwondo sparring gear, make sure to comply with the rules.

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