competitive and recreational sparring gear

Competitive and Recreational Sparring Gear

When doing materials arts, there are usually two main reasons: competition and casual training. With that, the forms and techniques will also vary. As well as for the type of sparring gear to be used. It also has a contributing factor. In competitions and for casual training. It is important to choose the right type of gear. On the level and intensity of your training. Let us first define what is competitive and recreational sparring gear. 

Competitive Sparring Gear

There are forms and styles of martial arts that have high-intensity training. And they are the ones usually being done in competitions. Being held in competitions, it is expected that the training is intense. And physically demanding. Hence, the existence of competitive sparring gear. 

The difference in sparring gear is important to know. Especially when doing competitions. Oftentimes, competitive sparring gear is heavier and bulkier. They also used padding that is helpful in high-impact body parts like the head, chest, and shins. 


There is also a type of martial arts. Where people only do it for casual training. And for some, as a way of exercising. In this aspect, recreational sparring gear is the one being used. The difference between sparring gear for recreational is they are typically lighter. And more flexible than the competitive gear.

You may wonder why recreational sparring gear is lighter. Well, it is because, in casual training in martial arts, the movements and techniques usually have a low impact. Also, they are not as intense as the competitive martial arts. But still, with the lighter and more flexible sparring gear, they can still protect the body. And can still contribute to the overall performance.

Why It Is Important to Know Their Difference

People who do martial arts have their own reasons for doing it. For some, it’s for the purpose of having a healthy body and mind. For others, for the reason of competing. And become a martial arts professional. Or instructor. Whatever reason you have in doing martial arts, it’s important that you know the difference between sparring gear. And its uses. Because it will not only help in knowing its safety benefits. But also in making an informed decision. When purchasing equipment. Like sparring gear.

By choosing the right gear for the kind of martial art that you do, you can ensure your safety. And when you know that you are safe, you can also perform well. With the two being considered, you are more likely to have a better experience. When doing any kind of martial arts.

Start Being Informed of the Difference

Whether you are a beginner or a professional in martial arts, now is the best time. To be informed about the difference in sparring gear. Such as competitive and recreational sparring gear. And if you already know the difference between the two, do not hesitate to share it. In that way, you can help the people in the martial arts community. In your small and simple way. 

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