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Different Styles of Karate As A Martial Arts

Karate is definitely one of the famous kinds of martial arts. As a physical activity, it seeks the development of defensive and counterattacking body movements. Different styles of karate depend on what type of technique. The most common among them are punches, kicks, and knee strikes.

To know more about the different styles and techniques of karate, this article will talk about that. We will talk about some of the most popular styles of karate that you can also try.

Shotokan Karate Style

One of the most popular and widely practiced styles of karate.  Japanese martial arts teacher, Gichin Funakoshi developed this style. it is characterized by powerful strikes, strict discipline, and strong stances.

The training in Shotokan is rigorous, and it focuses on the development of power, speed, and accuracy in techniques. It also emphasizes the development of the mind and the spirit. Many Shotokan practitioners strive to achieve a balance between the physical and mental aspects of their training when doing this style.

Additionally, Shotokan practitioners learn various techniques like strikes, kicks, blocks, and throws for this style. Making it more focused on the basic development mentioned.

The whole world is practicing and using this style. And considered as one of the most practiced styles of karate. Also, it is now considered a traditional and classical style of karate.

This karate style is also perfect for all ages and levels of fitness so consider this kind of style if you want to be good at karate.


Developed by Chojun Miyagi, this style of Karate emphasizes circular movements, breathing techniques, and the use of both hard and soft techniques.

Goju-Ryu Karate is based on the principles of go (hard) and ju (soft). Practitioners learn to use both types of techniques to their advantage when performing.

Techniques such as strikes and kicks are hard techniques. These kinds of techniques are used to deliver powerful and direct attacks.

On the other hand, soft techniques such as joint locks and throws, are used to redirect an opponent's energy.

With this style of karate, the training is traditionally rigorous because it involves the development of power, speed, and accuracy in techniques. As well as the development of stamina, flexibility, and balance.


Shito-Ryu is a combination of elements from Goju-Ryu and Shotokan. Developed by Kenwa Mabunim it emphasizes the use of both hard and soft techniques. It strongly emphasizes the use of "kata". A pre-arranged forms that mimic the movements of self-defense and fighting techniques.

This style also includes the use of breathing techniques, known as "kokyu-ho,". It is used to generate power. And also in improving focus and concentration.


Wado-Ryu is a style in karate that emphasizes on circular movements, fluid, and the use of the hips to generate power.  Hironori Ohtsuka was the one who developed this style.

Wado-Ryu training is generally considered to be less physically demanding than other styles. Making it suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels.

A Vaiety of Styles and Techniques for Karate

The above-mentioned styles of karate are the most popular ones and there are few more as it is a kind of martial art that have a variety of techniques. Different styles for different techniques. That is usually what karate is all about.

Understanding the different styles of karate can give a better understanding of the art as a whole. In this way, it can also help in understanding the historical and cultural contexts and how they were developed. A factor that can also help in every individual’s performance. Also,as a way to improve motivation for training

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