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Top 5 Female Martial Artists on Twitter

Are you using Twitter? If your answer is no. Now is a perfect time. For you to create. Your Twitter account. Especially if you want to follow. Your favorite martial artists. Twitter is undoubtedly becoming more popular. And in-demand people. Especially if they want. To be updated. On the latest news. In martial arts, female artists can also be seen. On the platform. Just in case you don’t know that. These female martial artists on Twitter are very active. As they engage with their fans. And followers. About the latest happenings. And trends. On martial arts. If you don’t know. Who female artists you should follow. This article is the answer. To your problem. As we have gathered. The top 5 female martial artists.

Female Martial Artists On Twitter: @BulletValentina

Bullet Valentina is a professional. Mixed martial artist. And also a kickboxer. She represents Peru. In combat sports. Hence, her name is always tagged. In combat sports. As a professional martial artist, she has won. Several awards and titles. Among them, was her UFC Flyweight championship. It is the most famous one. 

Valentina is definitely. The one you should follow. For your female martial artists on Twitter. Because she is very much active there. In sharing her skills. And techniques. In martial. By uploading videos. And also tweeting inspirational quotes. For her followers. Most of her tweets were also about. Her UFC competitions. So that is something. That you want to be updated. You should definitely follow her account.


Martial arts as a weapon for women. Is really possible. Just like Joanna Jedrzejczyk. She not only used martial arts. As a weapon. But also as her profession. As she is a professional mixed martial artist. And also a practitioner. Of Muay Thai. She is regarded. As one of the greatest female fighters. In the history of sports. One thing notable. For her martial arts career was she started practicing it. At a very young age. And through her journey, she has won world championships. 

Although she has already retired. As a professional martial artist. She is still very active. Especially on her social media accounts. Like Twitter. Where she mostly tweets. About UFC. As well as her opinions. When there is a fight. We won’t be able to see her. Doing her notable strikes. And techniques. But now with the existence. Of social media platforms. We can still see her. As one of the female martial artists on Twitter. That we should follow. And somehow learn from it. As people can also learn a thing. From her commentaries. 


A professional taekwondo fighter. And also a model and actress. That is how powerful. And talented this woman is. Valerie Loureda is definitely one of the female martial artists on Twitter. That captured the eyes of many. Not just because of her beauty. But also because of her talent. In Taekwondo. Her Twitter account is all about. Her taekwondo trainings. And competitions. In this way, she is keeping her fans updated. And inspired. This woman will definitely be. Your source of inspiration. Because she does so much. Aside from martial arts. 


For our 4th account. That you might find interesting. And as one of the top 5 female martial artists. This account is owned by Holly Holm. She is a mixed martial artist. And currently signed. With UFC. She is best known. For her striking abilities. Especially her head kicks. Which is very important. And the most popular move. In martial arts. On her Twitter account she updates her followers. In her latest competitions. And other martial arts. Promotional stuff.


Last on our list. Of the top 5 female martial artists. On Twitter. Is Mackenzie Dern. She is a professional martial artist. And also known. For her Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu skills. She has won several world championships. Before transitioning to MMA. On her Twitter account, she posts tweets. That are engaging. And motivating. To keep her followers entertained.

Women are really inspiring. Especially those. In the field of sports. Like martial arts. Because they are not just good. In their craft. But they are also very grounded. And very active. In engaging their fans. And followers. That is a good way. To keep the community. Of martial arts. Alive and progressive. 

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