Instagram Accounts for Martial Arts

Top 5 Instagram Martial Arts Accounts

When deciding to learn. And practice martial arts. There are many things. That you need to consider. From choosing the best martial arts school. To decide what gear you need. The journey doesn’t stop there. As you also need to be updated. On the latest news. And updates on martial arts. So you can also learn. And use it for yourself. In today’s age. Where social media platforms are easy to access. You can definitely get it. The latest news. And updates on martial arts. As well as with the other kinds of it. Instagram accounts for martial arts exist. For you to be updated. On everything that is happening. In the world of martial arts. Here are the top 5 Instagram martial arts. That you can follow:

Instagram Accounts for Martial Arts: @GloryKickboxing

Kickboxing is a popular martial art. And combat sports. It is being practiced. And played. All over the world. With its huge audience, it really should have. Social media accounts. Where they can update. Their followers. Especially the fans. Of kickboxing. 

For their Instagram account. They now have 1.1 million followers. And they are very active. In posting content. About the latest happenings. On kickboxing. All over the world. If this account is one of the Instagram accounts for martial arts that you’ve been following. You won’t surely miss a thing. For your kickboxing news. Because they are handling their social media accounts. In a way that the audience will engage. And participate. On the latest news. And happenings. On kickboxing.


A martial arts magazine. That is also active. On social media platforms. Like Instagram. That is what Black Belt Magazine is known for. It is the world’s leading media. For martial arts. And it serves the people. Since 1961. If there is one important reason. On why you should follow this account. As one of the Instagram accounts for martial arts news. It is because they are one of the oldest. And most respected martial arts magazines. In the world. 

With that being said, following there can give you. A wide range of lessons.  On martial arts styles. And disciplines. With their contents of interviews, and tutorials. As well as in providing information. About the history, philosophy, and techniques. Of different martial arts styles. They also cover the latest competition. And events in martial arts. A day of browsing their account. Is surely not enough. For your martial arts needs. So if that sounds what you need. Go follow this account!


For fans of boxing. This account is perfect for you. Boxing News Online is the world’s best boxing magazine. And it’s giving the latest news. On boxing. Since 1909. With decades of service. You may wonder. How they were able to evolve. In the digital age that we have now. Well, it can be seen on their Instagram account. As one of the Instagram accounts for martial arts. That delivers news and updates. They also provide in-depth analysis. Of the top fighters, trainers. And promoters. It’s an all-in-one stop. For this account. As they upload interviews and videos. And podcasts. On variety of topics. Related to boxing.


Vasily Lomachenko is a Ukranian boxer. And also an Olympic gold medalist. He won multiple world titles. Making him one of the most famous people. In martial arts. His Instagram account features motivational posts. And also training tips. As one of the top 5 Instagram martial arts. You should definitely follow him. Because his martial arts career. Is definitely an inspiring one.


Team Alpha Male is a renowned MMA gym. Based in Sacramento, California. Their Instagram account features behind-the-scenes looks. During training sessions. As well as interviews. With the coaches. If you are interested in these types of content. Add this to your list. Of the top 5 Instagram martial artists. That you should follow.

Part of learning martial arts. Is knowing the latest news. And updates about it. And doing that has never been so hard. As there are money news outlets. Especially on social media. That you can find. You just have to search wisely. And carefully. When choosing the Instagram accounts for martial art. That you should follow. As there are some which are not legit. 

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