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Karate in the Olympics: A Brief History and Overview

Karate is undoubtedly one. Of the famous sports. In Olympics. But did you know? That it was first introduced. As a demonstration sport. At the Summer Olympics. In Tokyo? And after that. It was in 2015. When karate. Was officially recognized. As an Olympic sport. By the International Olympic Committee (IOC). To know more. About karate in the Olympics. We gathered. The most important happenings. Before karate was included. In Olympics. And you can know more. About it. In this article.

Karate in the Olympics: 20th century

Maybe some people know. That karate. Have been developed. In the early 20th century. By okinawan masters. Who combined. The traditional martial arts. With Chinese martial arts. China had a significant influence. On the development. Of karate. In Okinawa, Japan. Because of the involvement. Of two countries. It became one of the stepping stones. Of being included. Of karate in the Olympics.

1970 WKF (World Karate Federation)

After karate’s popularity. In Japan. During the 20th century. It became popular. All over. The world. Where films. About karate. Became very popular. But this success. Of karate in the Olympics. Won’t be possible. If not. For the struggles. It went through. Like overcoming World War II

As a result. Karate was recognized. As a legitimate sport. In the 1970s. With the formation. Of World Karate Federation (WKF). World Karate Federation. Is the international. Governing body. Of karate. It was founded. With the goal. Of promoting. And organizing. Karate competitions. On a global scale. It was also responsible. For developing. And enforcing rules. As well as regulations. Of karate competitions. 

Controversy as a Global Sport

The formation. Of WKF. Has been a helpful factor. For karate. To be included. In famous Olympics. Since then, the organization. Had numerous championships. And had been included. In many multi-sports events. Until karate. Has been finally included. In the 2020 Tokyo Games. But the decision. To include. Karate in the Olympics. Became controversial. Because some said. That it was not. A global sport. Also, for others. Karate did not have. Enough following. To warrant. The inclusion.  

2020 Tokyo Olympics

Despite the controversies. Karate finally. Became included. In Olympics. And it debuted. At the Tokyo 2020 Games. It would not be possible. If it not. For the support. Of people. Who believed. That karate was popular. Especially in Japan. And other parts. Of Asia. 

Karate in the Olympics. Held its competitions. With katana (form). And kumite (sparring) events. These are both. For men. And women. Japan, where karate originated. Was the one. Who dominated. The tournament. Winning three gold medals. As well as silver. And bronze medal. 

Winning Sport Despite Controversy

Karate as a traditional martial art. Indeed overcome. Many issues. And controversies. Especially karate in the Olympics. But because for most. It is a kind. Of martial art. That was practiced. All over the world. It successfully got. Its spot. On the Olympics. Which was one. Of the most memorable. Happening. In the history. Of karate. For karate practitioners. I hope you look back. In this history. Of karate. Especially if you are having. A hard time. Learning. The said martial art.

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