martial arts as a helpful way of grieving

Martial Arts as A Helpful Way Of Grieving

One of the saddest things a person can experience is losing a loved one. The grieving process is a long and hard process. It would be harder, especially if you don’t have a support system. There are many helpful ways to move on from losing someone or something. One of the helpful was where a person can not only heal from the inside damage (emotional). But also from the physical aspect is by doing martial arts. Martial arts as a helpful way of grieving can also help a person. In finding the best support system. And supportive community.

Martial Arts as A Helpful Way Of Grieving and Outlet for Emotions

When a person is grieving. Or wanting to move on from something, the emotions are overflowing. And it seems like there is no end. That feeling of wanting to just let it all out. But don’t know how. When stuck in that kind of situation, one helpful way could be physical activity. Just like martial arts as a helpful way of grieving. 

Martial arts have different styles and techniques that use different parts of the body. Through the use of body movements, a person grieving can divert emotions. Allowing them to process their grief in a healthy. Also, in a controlled way.

Additionally, martial arts can help a person grieving by providing a sense of stability and routine. That is, through the help of practicing the moves and styles. One best example form of martial art that can help in grieving is Tai Chi. It is a non-aggressive form of martial arts that focuses on relaxation. And mindfulness. Tai Chi is also a great tool for self-reflection. It allows a person grieving to reflect on the process. And grieve in a more constructive way.

Martial Arts as A Form of Therapy

Grieving is a heavy feeling that greatly affects emotions. That is why some experiencing this, they resort to consulting the help of professionals. And the solution most of the time is to have therapy. Being in therapy is also a long process. And it is also just like consulting a doctor. You need to tell all that you’ve been feeling in order to give the appropriate medicine. For some who don’t like to undergo this kind of process, another option would be martial arts as a helpful way of grieving. 

Practicing martial arts with a grieving person can help. As it is a good way to reduce anxiety. And in promoting mindfulness and self-awareness. Being dedicated to doing martial arts can help to lessen the tension and stress. These two are the usual effects of a person grieving. 

Aikido is one of the examples best to help. For people experiencing grief. And who would want to relax their mind. Aikido focuses on physical awareness and self-defense. And most importantly, mindfulness. It is also a great way to process one person’s emotions to develop a sense of control and self-confidence. 

The use of Body and Mind in Grieving

There is no easy way when grieving. It’s a long process that takes time. Also, it needs a lot of patience and self-awareness. Whatever method or way a person chooses when grieving, one important thing to have is a support system. Grieving is not an easy journey. So when dealing with it, the person should feel that he/she is not alone.

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