martial arts for tall people

Martial Arts for Tall People

In any kind of sport, height does not really matter. As long as you are physically and mentally fit to do it, you can surely do it. Any kind of sports. But in martial arts, there are several forms and styles. That is advantageous to tall people. Want to know what are the best martial arts for tall people? You are in right place. Let’s see what are those!

Taekwondo as Martial Arts for Tall People

Taekwondo is one of the most famous martial arts. And it is also viewed as the best kind of martial art for tall people. You may wonder why. It is because most of the movements and techniques in taekwondo emphasize high and fast kicks. High and fast kicks are important in taekwondo. For the attacker to reach their opponent well. 

Also, Taekwondo is considered a kick-based art. Meaning, long legs are needed. So this is a very good kind of martial art. But doing taekwondo for tall people does not only require the physical aspect. Flexibility and mental focus are also needed. Taekwondo, as one of the most ideal martial arts for tall people, can also be a good opportunity. Especially for people who want to compete. And in becoming a professional one.


Kickboxing is a hybrid style of martial arts. It is a combination of boxing and karate. As well as other strike-based martial arts. Kickboxing can be a good form of martial art for several reasons. The first is to reach an advantage. Tall people often have the capability of reaching longer. In doing martial arts, like kickboxing, this can be an advantage. To reach and attack the opponent. Reach advantage can also help in keeping the opponent at a distance and landing strikes. 

Secondly, kickboxing as a martial art for tall people can give more power. Power in making movements. Like strikes, punches, and kicks. A tall person can have a powerful movement during a fight. In this way, they can defend themselves well.

Lastly is in building self-confidence. We often view tall people as the more confident ones. Just like in beauty pageants. Where most of the contestants are tall. Also with the flight attendants. The two occupations are mostly for tall people. And they are among the ones who seem to be very confident. In martial arts, it is also the same. Tall people doing kickboxing can help in building self-confidence. As well as in developing mental well-being.


Aikido is a martial art that focuses on movements such as throwing, joint-locking, and striking. It is considered the best martial art for tall people. As it can be used as a great way to control the body of the opponent. As tall people have longer arms and legs, it can also be an advantage. For leverage. Leverage is used to provide and execute the techniques effectively.

People of any kind of height can practice and do martial arts. There are just some forms and styles of it that are advantageous to tall people. Most of the time, martial arts for tall people are the ones being seen in competitions. But of course, small people doing martial arts can still participate in competitions. There are also the best kinds of martial arts for small people. 

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