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Taekwondo for Competition and Its Various Moves

Taekwondo is undoubtedly one of the most popular types of martial arts. It is very popular not just for adults and professionals. Also for young ones. While for some, it is a kind of physical activity that is dangerous. There are still more people who love doing this. Especially the professional ones, who mastered the moves in taekwondo for competition.

In some cases, the moves in regular taekwondo are different when competing. To know more about them, this article is perfect for you.

The most common move in taekwondo for competition: Kick

Kick is indeed the most common move in taekwondo. And also the same in taekwondo for competition. It is an important aspect of Taekwondo competition. And is used to score points by striking the legal target areas of the opponent's body.

The types of kicks that are mostly used when competing in taekwondo are front kick (Ap Chagi), roundhouse kick (Dollyo Chagi), and side kick (Yop Chagi).


Punch is also among the common move in taekwondo. And taekwondo for competition has various types of punches like Straight Punch (Jirugi), Back Fist Punch (Dwo Chirugi), Knife Hand Strike (Sonkal Taerigi), Spear Hand Strike (Nukite), and Elbow Strike (Palkup Taerigi).

As this kind of move uses the hands, it is important to always wear proper gear. Like the gloves that we have in Whistlekick.


Block is an important defensive technique used in Taekwondo competition to defend against an opponent's attack. This move also uses some other moves, like the kick and punch to better defend against the attacker.

The types of blocks move in taekwondo for competition are High Block (Naeryo Makgi), Low Block (Arae Makgi), Inner Forearm Block (An Palmok Makgi), Outer Forearm Block (Bakat Palmok Makgi) and Knife Hand Block (Sonkal Makgi).


Poomsae is a pre-arranged sequence of Taekwondo techniques that demonstrate the practitioner's ability to perform a variety of techniques in a flowing, coordinated manner. In competition, poomsae is typically performed individually or as a team and is judged based on factors such as technique, power, and overall presentation.

Combination techniques

Combination techniques in taekwondo for competition refer to the use of multiple techniques in succession to strike or defend against an opponent. These techniques are used to create openings in an opponent's defense and to score points in the competition. Some common combination techniques include Kick-Punch Combinations (Chagi-Jirugi), Block-Punch Combinations (Makgi-Jirugi), Turn-Kick Combinations (Dollyo-Chagi), Hand-Feet Combinations (Sonkal-Chagi), and Counter-Attack Combinations (Jollyong-Jirugi).


Combination Moves as a Common Technique for Taekwondo for Competition

One important thing to take note of with the moves in taekwondo for the competition is the combination of different moves. This is common as it is used in succession strikes and to better defend against an opponent.

As there is a different types of moves in taekwondo for competition, one thing is for sure. The goal is to win by not sacrificing yourself or your body. And also to avoid injuries, especially while training for competition. So it is still important to practice or somehow calculate whether you can do the techniques and moves, especially the combinations.


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