post-Injury practices in martial arts

Post-Injury Practices in Martial Arts

There is always a danger in doing any kind of sport. Just like in martial arts. Injuries and accidents are bound to happen. When doing physical activity. In unexpected cases where you get injured, you must take into account the things you need to do. After the injury. Here are some tips that can help after injuries and accidents when doing martial arts. These post-injury practices in martial arts are important to remember so accidents won’t happen again.

Post-Injury Practices in Martial Arts #1: Consult with a physical therapist

The first thing that you need to do after being injured while doing martial arts is to consult a physical therapist. Especially when it’s not a minor injury. Doing this can help you to know if you still need another medication. Or just anything that you need that can help in your recovery. 

#2: Start to exercise for recovery

A consultation with a physical therapist is an important step. To know what things you can do and what not. If the assessment is not that bad, you can start doing a low-impact exercise. Examples of these exercises are stretching, balance exercises, resistance band exercises and foam rolling. Doing these low-impact exercises can help as you progress in your recovery.

#3: Focus on form and technique

If after being injured and you still decide to go back to martial arts, consider focusing on your form. And technique. Focusing on the two is an important post-injury practice in martial arts to prevent accidents to happen again. Most of the time, injuries in martial arts are because of poor use of techniques. So it is really important to focus on it when returning to martial arts.

#4: Practice martial arts with other activities

Returning to martial arts after an injury will take time. It is because the body is the one that got affected. And for you to be able to practice martial arts again, you need to take care of your body. Aside from refocusing on techniques, you can also cross-train with other exercises. By doing this, you can maintain your overall fitness. This is also a good practice for the prevention of future injuries.

#5: Slowly increase duration and intensity

After following the first 4 steps to post-injury practices in martial arts, you now have regained your strength. The possibility of fully doing intense martial arts practice is higher. But of course, you still need to be careful. And just do it slowly and seriously. There is no need to rush. Take your time until you build back the energy that you have in your pre-injury level. The last step that you need for your post-injury practices in martial arts is duration and intensity. 

A Slow Process for Martial Arts Comeback 

Avoiding injuries while training martial arts is possible. But if it still happens, returning to martial arts after an injury is not an easy thing to do. To some, it is also a difficult decision to make. As there is still a possibility of it happening again. We cannot really tell if accidents will happen again. What you can do, if you really want to go back to martial arts injury is to strictly follow the post-Injury practices in martial arts.

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