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Professional Sparring: What to Wear & Not to Wear

Sparring is one. Of the crucial components. In martial arts. It usually involves. A simulated combat. Between two individuals. And there are two types. Of sparring. The one. Is recreational. While the other one. Is competitive sparring. Usually, the latter is considered. As a professional sparring. Because it is usually done. During competitions. With that being said. An individual. Should know. What type. Of clothes. And accessories. Should be worn. And not. 

Professional Sparring: Protective Gear (one that you should wear)

Professional sparring. Is a type. Of sparring. That is usually used. By professional fighters. Of martial arts. Like boxing, kickboxing. And muay thai. When doing. This type. Of sparring. Training and workouts. Are usually intense. So it is important. To wear. A protective gear. 

Examples of protective gear. That one should wear. When doing. This kind. Of sparring. Are headgear, mouthguard, handwraps. As well as gloves, shinguards. And groin protectors. Wearing these gear. Are important. To prevent. The risk. Of accidents. And injuries. Not just. For one individual. But for the both. Of fighters. 

What to wear: Appropriate and Comfortable Clothing

When doing. Professional sparring. It is also important. To know. The importance. Of wearing comfortable. And appropriate clothes. Because it can also affect. The performance. Of the practitioners. One example. That you can wear. Is compression shorts. Or pants. These tight-fitting types. Of shorts. Or pants. Can help. In preventing. Muscle strains. And can also help. In providing support. During intense training. Or physical activities. 

A rash guard. Or a tight-fitting T-shirt. Would be. A good choice. But it should be made. With a breathable material. To help. In absorption. Of sweat. And can also help. In preventing skin irritation. During training. Overall, for wearing. Of clothes. One must wear. A clothe. That is comfortable. And lightweight. To allow. A full range. Of movement. While also providing. Protection and support. 

What Not to Wear: Jewelry

Some martial artists. Are not aware. That wearing. Of jewelries. And accessories. When doing professional sparring. Or even in any kind. Of martial arts. Are not. A good idea. Because wearing them. May cause injury. To the partner. And also with yourself. Especially during intense training. And workout.

Accessories like jewelries, watches. Or even glasses. Can be dangerous. In the event. Of an impact. Or may get caught. On clothing equipment. Which may cause. Further injury. So it’s not really advisable. To wear those. Aside from safety. Wearing accessories. Are a way. Of disrespecting. The martial art sport. Because it shows. The lack. Of attention. To the safety. And also the lack. Of consideration. For the well-being. Of others. So if you are someone. Who loves. Wearing accessories. Or there is a need. For you. To wear those. When doing. This kind. Of movement. Just take. A little sacrifice. Because it’s for. Your own good. 

Wearing the appropriate gear. When doing professional sparring. Is important. Not just. For protection. But also. For the improvement. Of the performance. And most importantly. By respecting. The rules. And regulation. Of the martial arts. 

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