Proof - We Captured Google Page 1 in 8 Days Through SEO Consulting

Proof - We Captured Google Page 1 in 8 Days Through SEO Consulting

It took us just over a week, and a few blog posts, to capture Google Page 1 for every relevant search term we could find related to our Martial Arts Consulting endeavor. While we can't promise to get all of your terms to page one, we can certainly help you move up through SEO consulting.

Martial Arts Consulting via Website SEO

When we realized that promoting our martial art consulting offering was a priority, it was important to me that we not simply stand behind promises and testimonials. Sure, those help, but there are plenty of companies, in all spaces, flat-out lying about what they do.

If you know us, you know we don't do that. But it did mean that we needed to show the world what we could do, instead of just promising it. One of the many elements in our consulting toolbox is website improvement. And what better, objective measure is there than showing the world what we can do in just over a week?

Martial Arts Consulting SEO Website Improvement

You can see that in just over a week (find the dates in the upper right of the image) that we were able to bring all the terms we found as relevant to page 1. Well, except for 1. Taekwondo consulting was at #11 when I took this screenshot.

How We Improved Our Website SEO

It wasn't anything overly challenging, or time consuming. There's a bit of a dance to this and I spent some time on it every day. I took a look at where we ranked when I started tracking the terms, and wrote a few blog posts here and here

Then, each day I looked at how the search rank was moving. I added certain words where I thought they'd make sense, added images. Changed headlines. I did all of the basic stuff that any SEO (Search Engine Optimization) course would teach you. The same stuff I've done for my businesses and others for well over a decade. The same stuff we can do for your martial arts school.

We Can Do This for Your Martial Arts School

Is this the right strategy for your dojo/dojang/etc? Maybe. I can't say without speaking with you and determining your goals. But if it is part of the strategy, we can either work together, or our team can handle all of the work - depending on your time and financial investment.

The key takeaway is that we can help in a variety of areas, and this, while one we excel at, is just one of them. We will always use the best tool(s) for the job, no matter how shiny they are.

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