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Top 7 Self-Defense Youtube Channels

There are several ways. To learn martial arts. And self-defense. Especially now with the demand. On different types of content. That can be seen. On the internet. Learning martial arts are not only a way. Of having a healthy body. And mind. It is also a good kind of sport. When you want to protect yourself. In times of danger. And to learn it, you don’t really need it. To apply to martial arts school. Or to even hire an instructor. With easy access to the internet. With a variety of online lessons, you can surely learn self-defense. In this article, take a look. At these top 7 Self-Defense Youtube channels.

Top 7 Self-Defense Youtube Channels: @CombatSelfDefense

A channel that is not only for self-defense lessons. But also for fitness. And self-development. Combat Self Defense is what it offers. The channel is owned by Rob Rowland. A martial arts instructor. On his channel, he makes videos. Of different kinds of martial arts. And how those can be used. As a self-defense. In addition, he also teaches. And give tips about combat self-defense. Obviously giving justice. To the name of his channel. Some of his videos are about how to combat self-defense. Can be used. In real-life. Or violent situations. Which everyone should really know. Especially nowadays that there have been reports. Of violent or fighting scenes. This first on the list. Of top 7 self-defense YouTube channels. Is definitely helpful. Especially if you want to learn self-defense. In simple ways. Even in the comforts of your home.


Second on our list. Of the top 7 self-defense YouTube channel. Is all about content. In personal protection. Nick Drossos Defensive Tactics is owned by none other than Nick Drossos. He has been teaching personal protection. For over 20 years. Hence making the self-defense martial arts YouTube channel. To teach people. With his realistic approach. To self-defense. His channel now has over 400 thousand. Of subscribers. A proof that many people. Have watched his videos. 

One of the basic self-defense martial arts is weapon defense. And if you are looking. For this type of lesson. And content. In Nick’s channel, you can definitely find one. As he teaches weapon defense. And another type of self-defense. You might somehow feel overwhelmed. If you check this channel. As there are a variety of videos. But don’t worry. You are in the right hands. And will surely learn. A lot of self-defense techniques.


All in one channel. When it comes to martial arts. That is all possible. With Master Wong’s channel. In this channel, you will not only learn self-defense. In martial arts. But also about different kinds. Of martial arts. As well as for fitness, and weight loss. And street fighting. You may wonder why this channel. Caters to all these kinds. Of martial arts. It is because Master Wong is a martial artist himself. And a master of Wing Chun, Tai Chi. And Jeet Kune Do. Are you not yet convinced? That he is indeed a master? And deserves to be on the list. Of the top 7 self-defense Youtube channels? Well, his channel is still on. And very much active. So just check it. Or add it to your list. Of self-defense martial arts YouTube channels.


This channel is very active. When it comes to uploading videos. Of real defensive encounter. And their main goal. Is to educate the public. On what works. And not. During robberies, carjackings. And other defensive situations. You will surely subscribe. On this one. As one of the top 7 self-defense YouTube channels. Because of the lessons they teach. Are evidence-based.


A channel dedicated. To students. Of their martial arts school. But surely, it can also help others. Especially those eyeing. In learning self-defense. Krav Maga Worldwide is a global organization. And they teach self-defense systems. In this channel. As one of the top 7 self-defense YouTube channels. That you should subscribe on. They feature instructional videos. As well as Krav Maga techniques.


A reality-based self-defense system. That is what this channel is. Is all about. This

channel teaches survival skills. For the real world. And violent situations. By watching their videos. And as your top 7 self-defense YouTube channels. You will surely learn not just the techniques. But also in understanding the mindset. When doing self-defense techniques.


A self-defense instructor. On YouTube. That is what Jim Wagner. Is mostly known for. He uploads videos. On self-defense. That can be used. During survivals. Kind of unique, right? In addition, his videos cover. A range of topics. Including knife defense, and carjacking prevention. And also invasion preparedness. If that sounds interesting. Go add this channel. For your top 7 self-defense YouTube channels.

With the help. Of this three top 7 self-defense YouTube channels. You can definitely learn self-defense. Even if you are just at your home. By learning self-defense, you can have knowledge. And skills that you might use. When the time comes. These self-defense martial Arts YouTube channels will also open. More opportunity for you. To learn different types. Of martial arts. That you might be interested to learn. In the future.

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