different types of sparring gear

Different Types of Sparring Gear: Pros and Cons

Sparring gear is considered. As essential equipment. In martial arts. While it gives a lot of benefits. To people who do martial arts. It also has its pros and cons. Different types of sparring gear have different purposes. So it is really important to know. What kind of martial art? Or sports you are doing. Before purchasing. And if you have already bought your martial arts sparring gear, take a look at this article. As we will discuss its pros and cons. This article will help you. To prevent unexpected things to happen. When wearing your sparring gear.


There are different types of sparring gear. And headgear is the one that is mostly used. When sparring. And other kinds of martial arts. One of its pros is it can protect. Not just the face. But also the head from injuries. It also offers extra padding. For the head. To reduce the risk of concussions. 

On the hand, the hand gear protects the hands. From cuts, and bruises. And fractures. It also improves the grip. On martial arts that use weapons. By using a hand gear, an individual’s wrist, and knuckles. Can also be provided. Because it provides extra padding.

Lastly, for the foot gear. It is known to be used. For protecting the feet. And also the ankles. Especially when doing martial arts training. Aside from the protection it gives, foot gear also improves. The traction and stability. On the training mat. 

The different types of sparring gear have one thing. In common. They are usually made. And use for protection. Which is what is needed. When doing any kind of sport. Like martial arts.

Cons of Different Types of Sparring Gear

While different sparring gear has its pros. It also has its cons. And it may differ. From people. As not all have the same body type. And capability. For the headgear, the most common con is its weight. It can be heavy. And restrictive. In this way, it can impact. The fighter’s mobility. In addition, the headgear may also reduce. The fighter’s hearing. Making it difficult to hear. And follow the cues. And rules. From their coach and opponent. 

For the cons of hand gear. It is mostly about reducing. The speed and accuracy of the strikes. Which are very important. In sparring. And also with the different types of sparring gear. Moreover, wearing hand gear may also cause a fighter. To rely too heavily on the gear. And that may result in poor techniques.

Finally, for foot gear. Some of the cons of it could be in having difficulties. Of feeling the surface underneath. With that, it can result in a fighter‘s ability. To react to changes. In foot movements. Footgear may also be difficult for others. In executing techniques. Such as spinning, kicks, and jumping. As well as for strikes.

Better to Be Prepared and Knowledgeable When Wearing Sparring Gear

Unexpected things really happen. And there are also things you need to avoid. When using different types of sparring gear.  In whatever kind of thing that we do. Most of the time, we do our best. For ourselves to be safe. But in case of accidents happen. Or injuries in martial arts. There would be no one to blame. Especially if we know the pros and cons. Of different types of sparring gear. There is really no assurance. Of having a smooth experience. When doing any kind of sport. What’s important is we are protected. 

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