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Top 5 Female Martial Artists: Instagram

The world is definitely changing. And evolving. Especially in the world of sports. Where women can freely participate. And this is not really new. As women were already given the opportunity. In joining sports competition. During earlier times. The only difference now is the digital age that we have. As women can now have an easy way. Of showcasing their love, and passion. And especially talent. In martial arts. As we all know, it’s so easy to be a trend. In social media platforms. That is why more people are becoming more interested. In becoming an influencer. Just like on Instagram. To know more about these Top 5 Female Martial Artists. On Instagram. Follow along. In this article.

Top 5 Female Martial Artists on Instagram: Angela Hill

Are you a fan of UFC? If yes, you may have heard of Angela Hill. She is a black American. In UFC. And she was also the first female black American. To have won in UFC. Making her famous. And well-known fighter. Aside from joining UFC, Angela is also a former World Kickboxing champion. She is definitely a woman. Who is passionate about sports? And martial arts. 

As of this writing, she already has 158 thousand. Of followers. On Instagram. And one of the reasons. Why she is one of the female Instagram martial arts Influencers. This is because of the content she posts. Which consists of not just her life. As a martial artist. But also as a normal person. Who enjoys her life. Outside fighting. This type of content. It is also important. For the followers to keep an eye. On the account. Of an influencer. Angela is definitely winning. As she shares not just her martial arts experiences. But also her personal life. 

Phoenix Carnevale

Women nowadays need to have a weapon. That can protect them. In unexpected times. And now is a perfect time. To brave the stigma. That women are not capable. Of doing martial arts. Take Phoenix Carnevale for example. She is not just a martial artist. But also an actress. A living proof that women, in any profession can still do. And learn martial arts. All that is needed is determination. In learning the kind of sport. Phoenix Carnevale, as one of the female Instagram martial arts influencers, is definitely an interesting one. She shares more inspirational content. For her fellow female martial artists. To be inspired. And motivated. She also teaches workout sessions. And other fitness. That you might find interesting. All the details can be found. On her Instagram account. 

Sakura Kokumai

Looking for professional karate? And a woman? Sakura Kokumai is the one. You might want to know her! Sakura Kokumai is a professional athlete. She plays karate. And have won several awards. In World Olympic. And other well-known karate tournaments. One thing you can notice on her Instagram account. Is it is very organized? Especially her highlights. An important factor. For her followers to be updated. In her postings. She is still very active. In posting her karate life. And experiences. What made her one of the most followed female Instagram martial arts Influencers is her way. Of engaging her followers. To add, she also loves traveling and fitness. And photography. Do you have the same interests? As hers? Go check and follow her account!

Michelle Waterson

You should not miss. This account. For your list. Of Top 5 female martial artists. This account is owned. By Michelle Waterson. A professional MMA. She started playing Wushu. At a very young age. And then later. In karate. She has over 1.7 million followers. On her Instagram account. With her huge following, she regularly shares. Her training routines, and diet tips. And insights. Into life. Of a professional fighter.

Paige Vanzant

Paige Vanzant is a retired professional MMA. And just like any other female martial artist. She also started. Her martial arts career. At a very young age. She became quickly skilled. In various martial arts types. Including Muay Thai, and boxing. And Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. She definitely deserves a spot. For the top 5 female martial artists. On Instagram. As she regularly shares. Her training routines. And personal life. Even though she was already tired. As a professional fighter.

There are many strong. And empowered women. All over the world. In different professions. And industries. And following them. Social media platforms can be a good way. To get inspiration. In achieving our personal goals. And growth.

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