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Top 5 Inspiring Martial Artists On Twitter

Learning martial arts is definitely not easy. It takes a lot of work. And dedication. To be able to do the styles. And techniques. So it is understandable for people. To feel demotivated. Whenever they train. As a way to improve your motivation during training. We have looked for inspiring Twitter martial arts accounts. These top 5 inspiring martial artists. Will definitely help you. To keep going. And finished what you have started. In training. And learning martial arts.

Top 5 Inspiring Martial Artists On Twitter: @SugarRayLeonard

First on our list. Of our inspiring Twitter martial arts accounts. Is none other than Sugar Ray Leonard. With over 200 thousand followers, he is definitely a famous one. When it comes to giving inspiration. And motivation on Twitter. Sugar Ray Leonard is a 6 Time World Champion Boxer. And Olympic Gold Medalist. He is also an author. And a public speaker. That is why he is very good. In giving motivation. To his followers.

On his Twitter account, his tweets are more engaging. Like asking people about their goals. Sharing his exercise, and fitness. As well as his personal life. With all these contents, he didn’t miss a thing. On cheering people. And reminding them. To be thankful for everything. As an inspiring Twitter martial arts account, you can also learn from him. When it comes to learning boxing. As he retweets boxing-related content.


Georges St-Pierre is a Canadian actor. He is regarded. As one of the greatest fighters. In mixed martial arts. His popularity is very obvious. In his social media accounts. Especially on Twitter. As he has 2 million followers. With such huge followers. You may wonder. How he gives inspiration. And considered one of the Inspiring Twitter martial arts accounts. Well, it is because he is very active. In posting content. Especially for his collaborations. And partnerships. With other martial artists. And brands. Despite that, he still focuses on giving motivation. To his followers. By tweeting about healthy choices in life. Also with his picks for UFC on bet99sportsbook. If you are someone who loves UFC. And wants to be motivated. By a professional one. Give this guy a follow! As an inspiring Twitter martial arts, he can definitely uplift. Your spirit. In doing martial arts. 


Are you a fan of Judo? Or planning to learn it? This Twitter account, you might want to follow this first. Judo is the official Twitter account. For the International Judo Federation. Their tweets are mostly about updates. In Judo tournaments. But there are other contents. That you may get inspiration with. Especially with videos. Of Judo fights. In this way, you will not only get inspiration. From wins. And loses. But Judo techniques as well. They also update their followers. On the latest news. About Judo tournaments worldwide. So, for your list of inspiring Twitter martial arts accounts to follow. You should not miss this one.


Ronda Rousey is a former UFC women’s bantamweight champion. And also an Olympic medalist. In Judo. She has 3.4 million followers. On her Twitter account. She is on the list. Of the Top 5 Inspiring Martial Artists. Because she has been an inspiration. To many people. Both as an athlete. And also as an advocate. For mental health. You can definitely see those. On her Twitter account.


AUFC lightweight champion. And considered as one. Of the most unique fighter. Lyoto Machida also has a black belt. In Shotokan karate. He is best known. For his unorthodox style. And precise striking. So you will surely be inspired. By following him. And adding his Twitter account. On your list. Of the top 5 inspiring martial artists.

Twitter is one of the most popular. When it comes to social media platforms. And its audience is increasing. As the platform is an ideal one to use. When you want your followers. To be updated. This kind of thing is very important. In the world of martial arts. Especially to fans. And professionals. These Inspiring Twitter Martial Arts Accounts did not exist. For the purpose of inspiring fellow martial artists. But to also keep the people updated. On the latest news. About martial arts. All over the world. 

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