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Top 5 Martial Arts Accounts To Follow On TikTok

Martial arts is best known. As one of the best ways. In learning self-defense. And with the popularity of short-form video apps, it is now possible. To learn self-defense martial arts. Through the use of social media platforms. TikTok, for example. TikTok is a good tool. When you want to be entertained. In just a short time. But, as the platform gained so much popularity, it has evolved. In a way that people can use it. By teaching. And giving information. And in the world of martial arts, is also riding on the hype. As many martial artists can be found. On the said platform. If you want to learn martial arts, read this article. We have listed the top 5 martial arts accounts to follow on TikTok.

Martial Arts Accounts to Follow on TikTok: @onechampionship

One of the martial arts accounts you need to follow. Is definitely this one. First on the list. Of our Top 5 martial arts accounts. That you should follow. Is onechampionship. With their 3.3 million followers on TikTok. You can assure that their videos are good. Especially when it comes to teaching martial arts techniques. Most of their videos were performed. By martial arts professionals. And also during fights. And competitions. Making it very popular with people. As they see what it’s like. To be doing martial arts. In reality.  Go ahead and try following. This TikTok account will surely give you lots. Of martial arts lesson. That can help you. Even as a beginner. Or as a professional


Heads up for people. Looking not just for martial arts professionals. But also a world champion. farakicks is definitely the one. You are looking for. This TikTok account, as one of the martial arts accounts to follow on TikTok, has million. Of followers and liked videos. You may wonder why this TikTok. Is so popular. Well, just a little trivia. Farabi, the owner of this TikTok account was the founder. Of the popular #BottleCapChallenge. As you all know, that challenge became so popular. And it’s not surprising that the founder is a martial arts professional. Because it was seen. And proven in the video. Other than that, his TikTok channel attracted many viewers. As it is full of martial arts. And taekwondo lessons. 


If you are looking for a different way. Of learning martial arts. This one is perfect for you. Jeremy Lesniak, the founder of whistlekick also joined. The hype of creating videos. On TikTok. What made this account interesting are the contents. Like the challenges, answering questions, and giving trivia. And information about martial arts. Are among his videos.  jeremylesniak’s account also posts snippets of videos. From his podcast. If you are looking for that type of content. You might give this one a try. You will surely won’t get bored. When you follow this TikTok account.


Learning self-defense can be quite scary. Especially for first-timers. But if you really want to learn, as a beginner, you may check teacherspt account on TikTok. As one of the martial arts accounts. To follow on TikTok. As of this writing, the account has 999.2k followers. You may wonder why they have such a huge following. One thing you can notice on the account was the videos themselves. The lessons were portrayed. By real people. Some of the videos also have prompts. Indicating that the actions are performed. By professionals. Which means that it should not be done. Without proper guidance.  So if you want to follow the lessons. Make sure that you are with someone. Who is doing martial arts professionally. Like an instructor.


A variety of videos. About self-defense. And different martial arts techniques. That is what learnselfdense account is all about. Most of their videos garnered a hundred thousand. And millions of views. A proof that many people have watched their videos. In the hopes of learning self-defense. And martial arts. In simple ways. What is also interesting about this account is the fact. That they include women. In their videos. As part of teaching. A very good way. In demonstrating. That any gender can definitely do martial arts. As one of the top martial arts accounts to follow on TikTok, this account is sure. Is worth trying for. 

Learning martial arts has become easy. Especially now that we have. A more digital age. Where anything. And everyone can be found. On social media platforms. You just have to take time. In choosing the right type of content. For your martial art needs. If you are still on the lookout. For martial accounts to follow. On social media platforms. Keep following. In our blog posts. As we will write. And recommend more. 

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