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Top 5 Twitter Martial Arts Accounts

Social media platforms. Are one of the best platforms. When it comes to sharing knowledge. And passion. For a certain topic, interest. Or industry. In martial arts industry. They also use social media platforms. To share their knowledge. And experiences. In martial arts. Just like on Twitter. There are accounts you can follow. And they are called. As top 5 Twitter martial arts. As they share their passion. In martial arts. These nerds represent a diverse range. Of backgrounds. Making them really exciting to follow. 

Twitter Martial Art Nerds: @joeboxerparker

Joseph Parker is a former WBO heavyweight boxing champion. And he is one of the most popular figures. In the world of combat sports. He made his professional boxing debut. In 2012. And after that, he quickly made a name. For himself. In the world of boxing. Of course, with his impressive skills. And that it does not stop there. As he is also active. In his social media platforms. Like Twitter.

Joseph Parker’s Twitter account. Is considered one of the Twitter martial art nerds. Because he shares tips. And insights. Into his own training regimen. He also retweets. And interacts with his fans. And media personalities on Twitter. So you will surely learn a lot from him.


Learning martial arts online is possible. Especially if you follow Phil Davis. He is a professional wrestler. Who also competed. In the light heavyweight division. He quickly established himself. As one of the top prospects in the sport. It is all because of his talent. 

On his Twitter account, he shares insights. In training combat sports. As well as commentary. On the latest fights. And events. In the world of combat sports. Other than those, his account is a really great source. For fans who want to stay up-to-date. On his latest activities. As a Twitter martial art nerds. You can also learn a lot. From him uploaded training videos. So better check his Twitter account.


A Twitter martial art nerds. That covers the latest news. And insights. Related to the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. This is what this account is all about. This is also a full-packed platform. For your BJJ needs. As it has a variety of content. That you can learn from. And of course, share. For other people. Who would also want to be a nerd. In the world of BJJ.

On this Twitter account, you can find news updates. As well as videos. Where there are instructions. And tutorials. On BJJ techniques. As BJJ is also a popular martial art. This account also covers. Major BJJ events. And even real-time updates. What is even more exciting is they also do giveaways. For the fans. In order to keep them engaged. Sounds exciting right? Go and check this one. If you’re curious. To know more about them!


GLORY Kickboxing is a kickboxing organization. It features top fighters. From around the world. Their Twitter account features news. And updates. About kickboxing. If you are a fan of kickboxing. You should definitely follow this one. For your top 5 Twitter martial arts. So you won’t miss out. On the latest news.


Chatri Sityodtong is the founder. And CEO of ONE Championship. Asia's largest MMA organization. His Twitter account features updates on the company's events. As well as insights. And motivational messages. He is surely the kind of CEO. That you would want to follow. On your top 5 Twitter martial arts accounts. As he will surely uplift. Your motivation. In doing martial arts.

And that’s a wrap. For our list of Twitter martial art nerds. You will surely become a nerd. When you follow these accounts. That we discovered. As they not just create content for your brain. But most importantly, for your body. Because you will also get to learn. The best techniques. From these martial arts pioneers. And professionals. 

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