Virtual Martial Arts Class: New Wave of Learning

Virtual Martial Arts Class: New Wave of Learning

With all the global events that transpired in 2020, one thing has been proven: virtually everything can be done virtually. It’s not a tongue twister - it’s a reality we all have to accept if we want to not just survive but to actually thrive.

Two of the industries that supposedly took a hit were sports and health and fitness. But only for a short while. Through the help of modern technology and the innovative innovativeness of human beings, we were even able to come up with a workaround on how to conduct physical activities that used to require face-to-face facilitation.

Enter: virtual training programs!

Yes, you may be thinking that these have been around for quite some time, but no more than now do we all realize the sheer importance and value of being able to learn and train remotely so it won’t disrupt your health and workout routine.

How can you ride this new and necessary wave of learning?

Prepare What You’ll Need

For virtual learning and training programs, you of course have to have an electronic device that supports different types of videoconferencing platforms available in the market. With Zoom, Google Meet, Skype and the various live feeds from Facebook Live and IGTV will give you many options to stay connected and train virtually.

In this day and age, a reliable internet connection is also crucial. Internet connectivity is required for both work and school, so if you belong to a household that has these dependencies, better bump up your subscription or plan so that you’ll get a faster and more reliable connection. If you’re by yourself and live in a dorm, then a mobile plan might suffice.

You of course also need the space to do your studying or training, whether for work, school or for your extra-curricular activities. While not all homes have the capacity to designate a specific area of their home for an office, study area or workout corner, you might want to be as innovative as you can. You have that extra space in the balcony? Go ahead and use that up to do your morning salutations and workouts. An unused space under the stairs? Why not do a little home DIY project and convert it into a small study nook? You can optimize your space to suit the need for virtual learning.

It Takes Some Getting Used To

At first, it will feel awkward to learn things through a screen, especially for more physical types of activities. And there’s also the dreadful Zoom fatigue that we all feel after finishing our third or fourth video conference call of the day. 

This is why most learning modules are designed to give you more opportunities to pace yourself. After all, whether mental or physical, stretching yourself and your muscular capabilities take time. You have to give your body time to heal and mend after a tough class or workout.

For instance, our Speed Development Program is designed to be completed on a three-month period, with a small amount of workout done each day, with gradual progression to make sure that your body can cope with the skills being honed.

What’s great about virtual or remote learning is that it hasn’t lost sight of the basic principles that are required for a person to have a successful learning experience. Virtues such as discipline, commitment and hard work are still very much at play. 

It can be quite challenging at first because you need to muster up all the effort and encouragement yourself since you won’t always have your coach or teacher by your side to cheer you on and make sure you do things on schedule. But once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to execute with efficiency and accuracy.

A Community Helps!

What’s also good about virtual learning is that the community is extended beyond the four walls of an office, classroom or gym. With Facebook support groups and other platforms offering virtual communities, you can get as much support as you need.

Ask questions in the chat about issues that you need clarification on. Something bothering you about a course or session? Bring it up on the Facebook wall and get insights and feedback from both instructors and classmates. Sign up for a virtual training buddy for that extra accountability you need to make sure you follow through.

For instance, you bought a Strength and Conditioning Program or a Fight Conditioning Program and you need help executing the moves. Go to the whistlekick Facebook page and sound off on what you need help with. Or better yet, create a private Facebook group or chat thread so you can all have accountability on each other’s progress.

Possibilities in Virtual Martial Arts Class

Virtual learning is here to stay. This is not just a survival tactic for the pandemic but a necessary technological evolution to cater to a wider range of students and future martial artists. 

whistlekick’s training programs are designed to facilitate all students and program availers in their martial arts training and journey. These conditioning and development programs are just that: they will help your body in its progression to grow stronger, quicker and more durable, so that you can graduate to other types of training later on, whether virtual or face-to-face.
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