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Top 5 YouTube Martial Arts Account To Follow

Social media platforms are indeed. Becoming more and more popular. Because it is not only being used. For entertainment. And communicating. But also for entertainment and marketing. And of course, for business. That is why people resort. To social media. When they need. Or want something. As of this writing, YouTube is among the most used. Social media platforms. As people are becoming more engaged. Either too short. Or long-form videos. This kind of popularity can also be seen. To martial arts. As many channels are being known. For teaching martial arts. For the updated list of Top 5 YouTube martial arts accounts to subscribe to, we made this article.

YouTube Martial Arts Accounts: Global Martial Arts University

Online classes became a norm. For the past three years. Because of the pandemic. Where people were not allowed. To go outside. And with the help of technology. And internet. It became possible to learn. By just staying at home. And learning martial arts also became possible. For that matter. One of the most recommended YouTube martial arts accounts is Global Martial Arts University. This channel is one of the world’s most advanced. When it comes to online martial arts schools. It was created in the year 2015. And up until now, they are still active. In uploading videos. Of different martial arts techniques. As they teach variety. Of martial arts, you won’t get lost. As they have playlists for each. As one of your Top 5 YouTube martial arts. This channel is definitely worth a try!


We talked about Farakicks. On our Top 5 TikTok accounts to follow. Surprisingly, Farabi also has a YouTube channel. And it now has 866k subscribers. A proof that Farabi is one of the go-persons. When wanting to learn martial arts. What made this channel unique is its lessons. Not just about martial arts. But also for the body. Because he also shows how the body is important. When doing martial arts. Like teaching body stretching. And another body exercise. If that sounds interesting, check this channel out! As one of the YouTube martial arts accounts to subscribe. 

The Modern Martial Artist

An in-depth lesson. For fighting techniques. And strategies. That is what The Modern Martial Artist is all about. This channel makes videos. And focuses on step-by-step breakdowns. Of fighting techniques. And strategies. For the viewers to perform. Their most impressive moves. This channel also creates videos. About the latest trends. And news in martial arts. So you will be surely updated. When you subscribe to this channel. 


Virtues and ethics are among the lessons. That can be learned in martial arts. And in this modern world that we have, it is even more important to learn. And that is what MartialClub channel is all about. Their videos are more on martial arts techniques. That can be used. In real-life situations. And they were made in a funny. And humorous way. That is why their videos gained. Hundred thousand views. You will not only learn. But you will also feel entertained. By watching their videos. As one of the YouTube martial arts accounts to subscribe to, that sounds really interesting!


whistlekick is not just known. When it comes to martial arts sparing gear. And apparel. Because they are also very active. In social media platforms. As a way of promoting martial arts. And its benefits. To people. You may ask why whitlekick. Is one of the YouTube martial arts accounts you need to subscribe to. Well, it is because it caters. To a variety of topics. Of martial arts. Like in the podcast. Where the founder invites guests. And they talk about anything related to martial arts. In this way, people can feel. In this modern age, martial arts are still very popular. And being practiced. By many people. Which is a good way. Of building a martial arts community.

You Are Not Alone with These Channels

Learning martial arts can be quite lonely. Especially if you don’t have someone. To learn it with. But with the help of social media platforms. Like YouTube, you can learn. And have a memorable experience. If you still have not found your YouTube martial arts accounts to subscribe to. Just try subscribing. To these accounts. That we have mentioned. 

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