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12 Months to Health - Twelve Simple, Inexpensive Habits to Dramatically Improve Your Quality of Life

12 Months to Health - Twelve Simple, Inexpensive Habits to Dramatically Improve Your Quality of Life

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Build up to better health, one step at a time.

There is magic in slow, and that includes creating sustainable, healthy habits. This book will guide you in taking small steps in the right direction instead of jumping head-first into a massive change. Smaller changes are absolutely effective, and practicing a new change daily makes it easier to reinforce into a sustainable, healthy habit.

One small, healthy change can be like a pebble in the water, creating a ripple effect for better health. This program provides you with 12 such changes to incorporate into your daily routine that you can start right now to improve your health and overall quality of life over the course of the next year. Each month will focus on one of the 12 actions by giving you daily reminders explaining the benefits of that lifestyle change.

The potential health benefits of these actions include better sleep quality, improved digestion and gastrointestinal function, greater memory, reduced anxiety, fewer aches and pains, and many more.

Even small lifestyle changes can be a struggle, so don't make the 12 Months to Health Journey alone. In our companion group on Facebook, you will find support and advice from others who share in this journey. It's a great community of like-minded folks who are ready to celebrate your successes and support you through your challenges.

By reading and doing the things in this book, in the order presented and at the correct pace, you will build a solid foundation for dramatically improved health. What is your first step? Open the book and get started!

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