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Adrian Paul

Adrian Paul

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Adrian Paul is a martial artist who has taken on many roles since his time on Highlander. In this interview with host Jeremy Lesniak, we get an in-depth look at what it was like to be on the other side of the camera, choreographing and performing the sword fights which must ultimately end with a single victor. We also discuss where life has taken Mr. Paul since his time as Duncan MacLeod, with a sneak peek into his training seminars, The Sword Experience.

It would not be an episode of Martial Arts Radio without conversations on the traditional martial arts. Mr. Paul discusses some of his personal experiences and viewpoints on the traditional martial arts, and how his training helped him develop his on-screen skills.

Our guest also discusses how teaching has helped improve his understanding and practice as a martial artist, and what it is like to teach folks who come from so many different backgrounds. Mr. Paul may have become known for his time on screen, but his conversation with Jeremy proves that he is much more a martial artist and instructor than an actor.

This book features the one-on-one interview with Mr. Adrian Paul from whistlekick Martial Arts Radio Episode 380.

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