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Celebrating Women in the Martial Arts

Celebrating Women in the Martial Arts

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Available in Paperback, eBook, and Hardcover versions. Click Here to purchase.

Featuring the following amazing pioneering martial arts women:

  • Grandmaster Cynthia Rothrock
  • Dr. Jean Kanokogi
  • Professora Bernadette Robinson
  • Shihan Beth Bielat
  • Kyosanim Melanie Gibson
  • Professora Ana "Morena" Lima

Each of these ground-breaking women shared their stories with Jeremy Lesniak, host of the #1 ranked martial arts podcast, whistlekick Martial Arts Radio. Read their histories and understand the important role each woman has played in promoting the acceptance of women in the martial arts.

This special collection also includes an introduction featuring perspectives from five martial arts women who answered the question: What does it mean to you to be a woman in the martial arts?

These pages are filled with inspiration for all women, whether or not they train in the martial arts.

This book features the following interviews from Martial Arts Radio:

Shihan Beth Bielat - Episode 408

Dr. Jean Kanokogi - Episode 594

Kyosanim Melanie Gibson - Episode 604

Grandmaster Cynthia Rothrock - Episode 640

Professora Bernadette Robinson - Episode 690

Professora Ana "Morena" Lima - Episode 728


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