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Faith: A Story of Unlikely Heroes in a Grim World - The Katana Chronicles: Book 1

Faith: A Story of Unlikely Heroes in a Grim World - The Katana Chronicles: Book 1

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Available in Paperback, Audible audiobook, and eBook versions. Click Here to purchase.

Faith is the first book in the exciting new series, The Katana Chronicles.

Set in a sleepy New England town, Faith follows the adventures of Gerald and Rachael as they navigate the challenges of life in an oppressive world. It’s 2030, and as the economy and society started to break down, Governments did everything they could to tape things back together.

In a world where crime is rampant and law enforcement is corrupt and overwhelmed, everyone has to find a way to keep themselves safe. For most, that means hiding at home, being selective about their daytime-only trips to work, visit others, or go to the grocery store. But problems don’t only come at night, and those out at night aren’t only criminals. For Gerald, Rachael, and those they love, this is the world they live in.

Life was difficult before all of the changes that took place, but now it’s even harder. The promises of help came, but it’s barely enough to survive. For some, survival is the only priority while others demand more. Those who spend their efforts carving out something to call their own in this landscape either do so through corruption or in defiance of it.

Guns, currency, taxes, rationing, crime, media, and communication have all changed from the ways they were. Draconian laws, increased responsibility on citizens, and centralization of authority have complicated the lives of everyone in the country. Not everyone wishes things would go back to the way they were, though.

Some have found opportunities in the new normal and they’ve worked hard to take advantage. Most of those do so at the expense of others, and the fewer their scruples, the more successful they can become.

Not everyone is willing to let it happen, though. There are those who fight back, figuratively, and literally, refusing to let the world roll over them and those they care about. Gerald and Rachael are two of that kind, and this is a story of how they fight back.

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