whistlekick Fuel - Fight Conditioning Program - v 1.01

whistlekick Fuel - Fight Conditioning Program - v 1.01

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While you're still able to purchase the most up-to-date version of this program here, we've expanded our training program offerings onto a new site - whistlekickprograms.com

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The whistlekick Fight Conditioning program is a new approach to preparing you for combat sport competitions. No matter the discipline, if you know where to look, you'll see that every combat sport follows the same cadence, and it's dictated by the conditioning of the practitioners.

Everyone knows that fight conditioning is critical, and the best-prepared fighter generally wins (preparation, of course, is not simply about conditioning). The better your base of fitness, though, the better everything else will go.

This program is unlike anything else on the market. Not only will it help you get better conditioned, but it will also reduce your risk of injury and increase your rate of recovery. Yes, we said that. No, we're not exaggerating. 

The key is, in a nutshell, science. Most fighters are training using an outdated understanding of how the body works. Did you know that the metabolic process that allows you to go hard and fast for a few seconds is a different process than the one that allows you to run a few miles?

(Go look it up, I'll wait).

If that's the case, then training for intense output (like a fight or match) with steady-state cardio (like running). Won't work. It doesn't work. If you've been training for a while you know you need to get some rounds in. Why? Because it better mimics the demands of a fight.

We've gone into this program with all of that understanding, and we tested, researched, and developed something unlike anything else out there. If you follow this program, you'll get into much better shape for your fights, matches, bouts... whatever you call them! And in doing so, get a leg up on your opponent(s).

As with all of our programs, you purchase it once and receive lifetime updates. As we adjust and improve the program and presentation, you retain access at no extra charge.

This program is licensed for lifetime personal use. It is not transferrable or legal for use in any commercial way.

To access the password-protected videos, consult the information in your download.


  • Version 1.01—improved formatting of calendar/log sheets
  • Version 1.0, added logo, information about videos