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The Martial Artist's Handbook - First Edition

The Martial Artist's Handbook - First Edition

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This book is the result of over four years and four hundred episodes of whistlekick Martial Arts Radio. Jeremy Lesniak, as host, has spoken with hundreds of martial artists the world over. Those stories, lessons and personal experiences coalesce here, in The Martial Artist's Handbook.

Based on prominent episodes and important discussions found on whistlekick Martial Arts Radio, this book is much more than a transcript of these audio episodes. In fact, every word was re-written. The contents are designed to make you think. To consider who you are, as a person and, how martial arts training and experience contributes to the person you are.

Topics Include:

  • Traditional Martial Arts vs Modern Martial Arts
  • Finding the Right Martial Arts School
  • Handling Injuries
  • The Paradox of Overweight Martial Artists
  • The Importance of Martial Arts in Popular Culture
  • Participation Awards
  • Paradox of Rank
  • Avoiding Fights
  • Balancing Safety with Effective Training
  • Comparing Yourself to Others
  • Self-Doubt
  • Martial Arts as Service

With practical advice on a variety of subjects, it offers guidelines on how you might achieve your goals - in and out of training. Far from claiming authority, the author instead hopes to help you find your own authority, and use this book to that end.

This book was not written for any one person, or any one martial art. Topics included transcend specific styles and are focused on the bigger concepts and questions that impact martial artists from karate, kung fu, taekwondo, bjj, jiujitsu, tangsoodo, tai chi, silat, escrima and every other martial arts style.

No matter where you are, how long you’ve been training, your goals or your art, this book will help you. Parts of this book cover specific topics, including self-defense, forms (kata), sparring and basics. Other parts are contemplative, meant to invite conversations on philosophy and personal growth. This is not a self-help book, though you may find it helpful in that way.

This book is the result of years of experience, both inside and outside of training. It is also based largely on advice and knowledge from many prominent martial artists who appeared on our show. Thank you for considering this purchase, and have a great day. ~jeremy


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