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The Origin of Master Hopkick: Beginnings by Jenni Siu

The Origin of Master Hopkick: Beginnings by Jenni Siu

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Book One of The Origin of Master Hopkick Series

Though he did not know it yet, that day John took his first step onto the path of his future.

Years ago at whistlekick, we developed a mascot who was later named Master Hopkick. Our mascot has since graced coloring books and t-shirts, and has provided inspiration to martial artists and non-martial artists alike. For the first time, we publish the origins of this powerful character and all the lessons he has to offer.

This is part one of Master Hopkick's fascinating story, where we are introduced to a young boy named John Ramo. After observing martial arts for the first time while running an errand with his mother, John is immediately excited and curious, and he will stop at nothing to learn more. Follow our beloved main character as he overcomes obstacles and shows his perseverance time and again as he works hard toward his goal to learn martial arts and become a positive and inspirational role model and leader.

This tale is great for reading to younger children, especially as a reward at the end of a martial arts class. The events of the story make for great class discussions and learning opportunities. Our featured character takes us through many lessons that mirror the goals taught in martial arts: integrity, perseverance, hard work, discipline, and much more. Whether you train in karate, taekwondo, kung fu, or another style of martial art, or even if you are just a fan of the martial arts, this fun, short story is sure to bring a smile to your face.

What our readers are saying about The Origin of Master Hopkick: Beginnings

Great Story!
"We read this together as a family and really enjoyed the book! The book had so many great talking points with good life lessons! The main character, John, was well developed and relatable! I loved the length of the chapters so we didn't have to stop in the middle when we needed to pause for the day! Plus, it was easy to go ahead and read just one more chapter before bedtime! Now we can't wait for the next book!!"

Loved it!
"My oldest read it the first day it arrived. He’s reread it multiple times since then. Great book!"

Not Just For Kids
"As an adult martial artist, I celebrate materials that celebrate the martial arts. This is a must have for anyone who trains and wants fun new ways to share the joy of the Martial Journey. I also strongly recommend it as a gift for the young martial artists in your life. It's a great way to keep the fun going outside of class."


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