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whistlekick Flex - FREE Flexibility Program

whistlekick Flex - FREE Flexibility Program

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THE flexibility program for martial artists, available completely free.

Don't just improve your range of motion, improve your ability to use that range of motion.

Simple, effective, just minutes a day, and FREE.

Why is this program free? Because there are many poor-quality flexibility programs out there, taking advantage of martial artists. High prices, poor information based on outdated information.

ALL of our programs are rooted in the latest science. So, the hope is that you check this one and see what we can offer. Then, you can check out the others for a reasonable price.

Either way, this one is free and you'll even get updates (again, freely) as we release them.


1.3 – Completely updated videos

1.2 – Clarity revisions

1.1 – Grammar and clarity edits

1.0 – 6/25/2021 – Complete draft of guide and program.

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