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whistlekick Original Forearm & Elbow Guards

whistlekick Original Forearm & Elbow Guards

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Whew, that was some training! At least for Tom, it was. Though used to rigorous sparring exercises, it still felt to him like Sensei really brought everything today. It seemed tough if you were watching from afar or the sidelines. But those who’ve been training with Tom these past couple of years know that he’s also one tough cookie.

The upper body routines were especially difficult today. Tom felt every strike, punch, and block from his sparring opponent. But, as always, he came prepared. He wears whistlekick forearm and elbow guards to protect him from everything his opponents throw his way.

The whistekick forearm and elbow guards are built better than the other choices out there. Made from premium materials and designed for comfort while protecting your arms. With its double thickness on critical hit and protection points, you’ll never worry about being unpadded where it counts or having extraneous padding where it’s not needed It doesn’t really make sense to sacrifice protection for comfort, especially if you don’t have to. There’s no reason you can't have both.

This is not the first time that Tom underwent a physically demanding upper body training. He’s been going at it for a while now, aiming to improve both his agility and endurance. His whistlekick forearm and elbow guards have lasted as long as he has. With its curved design and better materials, Tom can block every punch blow without having to worry about his gear. In fact, he hasn’t had the need to replace them even though he uses them every training. Take that for long-lasting.

You would think that exerting more effort in training would entail a sweaty experience. Not always. Whistlekick’s design has more ventilation so you can train hot while your forearm and elbow guards stay cool.

Whistlekick’s forearm and elbow guards come in various sizes so that our youngest and tiniest martial artists can find their perfect fit. Start them young! They’ll never regret it.

Our martial arts gear is used by martial artists all over the world, in every style. As for Tom, he’s never taken a step back. Bracing himself, he’s ready for the next strenuous training. Towel in one hand and his pair of forearm and elbow guards in the other, he’s good to go.

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