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whistlekick Original Sparring Gloves

whistlekick Original Sparring Gloves

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Simply the World's Best Sparring Gloves


The first blow, the deadliest jab, the most high-impact strike - all are punctuated by those trusty sparring gloves.

I joined a friend in his martial arts class one Friday afternoon and borrowed his Arctic-colored gloves to spar with one of the more advanced students. A strike here, a kick there; all the combinations I could think of and barely remember from when my friend taught me a few moves. After sparring, my partner told me, “You pack quite a punch! Have you been training? Why don’t you join the class?”

Little did he know it was the sparring gloves. After class, I tossed them over to my friend and let him know his gloves give more bang for the buck than any other gear out there. I made a beeline for the sign-up booth and scheduled a class the following day. Oh, and I went ahead and purchased the sparring gloves online. I couldn’t take my chances.

The Whistlekick Original Sparring Gloves. The most durable protective gloves on the market. We didn't just reinforce the typical tear points on these gloves, we double-reinforced them.

And the sleek, glossy design doesn’t hurt, either.

The gloves are cut shorter, allowing better wrist and hand movement. Because that perfectly-timed punch is not going to happen on its own. The Velcro strap is narrower, a nifty weight-saver and promotes more wrist movement. Massive ventilation channels dramatically reduce sweat buildup. No more icky, sweaty palms. All four fingers get a place to hold on the underside of the glove, keeping your fist fast and compact.

If you're looking for a glove that lets you train or compete like you're sparring bare-handed, this is as close as you're going to get. Have a go and see the difference smart design makes.

Size matters. Yes, it does. So be sure to check out the size chart in the images or click here. Child Large and Adult Small are the same sizes, with the adult sizes having more padding in the knuckles. Because the punch gets more powerful (and more awesome!) as you increase training and enhance your skills in the arts.

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