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whistlekick Sparring Shin Guards

whistlekick Sparring Shin Guards

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Simply the World's Best Shin Guards


You've spent dozens of hours of training in preparation for this moment. you knew every move by heart. You practiced with all your might. Your sensei said you were ready. Your friends and fellow students felt you were ready.

You know you’re ready.

You shook your arms and legs to get rid of all that excess and nervous energy. That won’t be helpful. Yes, it’s giddy excitement. But it might not be helpful to your focus and concentration. You adjust your head gear and knock your gloves together to show your readiness. And then you make one last check to see if you have your his shin guards on. You just can’t afford to forget that part of your protective gear. You just can’t.

Even on a sparring match, students can experience intense pain in their leg and shin area. This is where your protective gear comes in handy. Let your sparring shin guards save you from the trouble of being injured. You wouldn’t want that, would you?

Even the best in the league wear shin pads when they practice. They block kicks with their bare shins during competition, but they wear shin protection when they’re not in a professional fight to keep them healthy and at the top of their form.

The whistlekick Sparring Shin Guards provide just the right amount of protection while lowering the risk of injury. Because being injured is not a proof of toughness, strength or discipline. An injury is just an injury.

The whistlekick Sparring Shin Guards incorporate durability and airflow, leaving you with the flexibility of training to the most optimal level. With a good balance between weight and coverage, these shin protectors will help cut down on painful shin collisions. Double layered right over the shin, they not only keep their shape better than the "flat-style" shin guards available; they're padded enough to take the most solid of shots. So you can kick it with all you’ve got without losing your sanity from that extremely painful shot to the shin.

Comes in small, medium, large and extra large. Please see the size chart in the images or click here. Available in Stratus White, Coral Pink, and other colors.

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