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whistlekick Fast - Speed Development Program

whistlekick Fast - Speed Development Program

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The whistlekick Speed Development program is a revolutionary approach to making you a faster martial artist, regardless of the technique, style, or purpose.

Utilizing a unique blend of modern science and traditional training, you're sure to become faster. However, while this program is simple, it is not easy.

Like anything, it requires a commitment. This is a 3-month program, requiring a small amount of work each day. The process we outline, including videos for each type of workout, is based on a significant amount of research as well as trial and error, 

You could design your own speed development program, but you'd likely end up with something very similar.

As with all of our programs, you purchase it once and receive lifetime updates. As we adjust and improve the program and presentation, you retain access at no extra charge.

This program is licensed for lifetime personal use. It is not transferrable or legal for use in any commercial way.

To access the password-protected videos, consult the information in your download.


  • Version 1.02 - cosmetic changes, preparation for first hybrid program
  • Version 1.01—formatting changes, password update
  • Version 1.0—Separated tracking sheet into a separate document, included a PDF version of the sheet for compatibility
  • Version .3—Added tracking sheet, updated formatting, added video information
  • Version .25—Added information about videos
  • Version .2—Updated language to reflect program as a single technique, single side
  • Version .1—First draft 4/24/2020
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