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whistlekick 5-Dollar Swag Pack

whistlekick 5-Dollar Swag Pack

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Who says you can't get anything for $5? Well, now you can.

We can't say exactly what you're going to get in this pack, because it's going to change. Stickers, buttons, patches, pins... think lightweight, flat stuff that can go in an envelope.

But how much will I get?

You'll get a small handful. Trust us, you'll be happy.

Know why? Huh? Go on, ask us how we know!

...ok. How do you know I'll be happy?

Because every swag pack will have a custom coupon code worth at least $5 off another purchase. Half of you will get a $5 coupon. The other half will get coupons ranging from $10 to $100!

So, is it worthwhile? You bet!

Free US shipping. International shipping is really hard to calculate, especially on an item like this. Short version - we're not making money on this item. If you overpay for shipping, we're going to be refunding you the difference. No need to ask.

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