1. Importance of Friendship in Martial Arts
    Friendships are an important part of our lives, not only because friends help us handle tension, resolve problems, cope with traumas and reduce our...
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  2. How to Maximize Fight Conditioning Training During the Off-Season
    Contact sports have also started scheduling fights and matches - which is why there’s no better time than now to get back into fight conditioning. 
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  3. 4 Tips To Successfully Get Back To Training After The Holidays
    In sports, there’s this thing called the reversibility principle where athletes can lose the effects of training when they stop and gain the effects when they begin to train again.
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  4. Can You Learn Martial Arts Online?
    Can You Learn Martial Arts Online? One of the tradeoffs from recent global events is that you now have to adjust to doing almost everything online....
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  5. Virtual Martial Arts Class: New Wave of Learning
    With all the global events that transpired in 2020, one thing has been proven: virtually everything can be done virtually. It’s not a tongue twiste...
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  6. 5 Martial Arts Movies on Netflix You Need to Binge On Right Now
    Want to bust away from the holiday doldrums? Looking for something to watch that’s worth your time? Or maybe you’re looking for something exciting ...
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  7. 10 whistlekick Martial Arts Radio Episodes You Need to Listen to To Kick Off 2021
    Avid fans and supporters know that whistlekick Martial Arts Radio is a podcast that tackles different martial arts topics and features some of the ...
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  8. Why It’s Never Too Late to Learn Martial Arts
    Martial arts, a form of self-defense that utilizes physical skill and coordination tremendously has a lot of perks – providing a variety of health ...
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  9. How to Have a Powerful Martial Arts Mindset
    A powerful martial arts mindset generates the confidence to overcome fear and self-limiting doubts.
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  10. Tactics vs. Techniques in Martial Arts
    This article is a reflection on an article we encountered recently, aptly titled It ain’t what you do it’s the way you do it. And while whistlekick remains respective of all forms, techniques and disciplines in Martial Arts, we can all learn from this reading and obtain relevant principles, such as the three that we highlighted in this next section.
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  11. Killing Pessimism through Martial Arts
    Engaging in martial arts goes beyond acquiring skills and confidence as you take part in self-defense. It also has tremendous benefits to your well-being – promoting a healthy lifestyle and serving as a noble cure to your emotional struggles.
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  12. How to Deal with Sore Muscles After Training
    Many beginners quit because of the pain they experience after being hyped up with all the home training and sports exercise available out there. Once they push themselves through a single workout routine, they either slack off, go back to the beginning, or worst - quit.
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