1. Top 3 Timely Health and Fitness Benefits of Martial Arts
    It’s true that martial arts requires deep discipline and commitment. However, one who’s interested in taking up the sport can try applying the basi...
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  2. Can Senior Citizens Handle Martial Arts Training?

    The world has now experienced the devastation caused by the pandemic known as Covid-19. And sadly, senior citizens have gotten the short end of the stick once again.

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  3. Episode 500 is Coming: And We Need Your Help
    We are happy to announce the upcoming 500th episode of Martial Arts Radio on May 11th. To celebrate we are creating a martial arts time capsule p...
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  4. The Martial Artist's Handbook: New Book Release

    This book is more than just a handy guide for those that take an interest in Martial Arts. It offers so much more. What we have is a collection - from the whistlekick Martial Arts Radio episodes - of stories, words of wisdom, real-life experiences, pains and challenges, triumphs and successes, and everything in between. 

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  5. Self-Control, Not Violence, is the Result of Teaching Martial Arts to Young Kids

    The reason why Martial Arts is a beloved art form and way of life is because of the beautiful paradox that it presents. Martial arts is all about learning to fight so that you don’t have to.

    Wait, what?!

    Yes, it is true. The main and most crucial lesson that Martial Arts teaches is for one to know how to master his or her own self. It’s about being able to discipline yourself and not giving in to your basic, primal instinct to fight or inflict violence.

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  6. Powerful Martial Arts Mindsets to Have
    Do you remember the first time you got into a fight when you joined a Martial Arts training or class? How did that work for you?
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  7. Why Training on Weekends Will Benefit You

    Whether it’s from a late night of partying or just plain tired from studying all week for midterms, it’s quite challenging to stay out of bed on the weekends. And that’s why it’s all the more important that you carve out time to do some training.

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  8. X whistlekick: Let’s Be Brand Allies!
    This September, we are launching X whistlekick, our co-branding partnership with wholesale customers.
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  9. whistlekick Social Media Deputy
    Hey there!  Are you looking for an exciting way to use your social media savviness and internet prowess?  We’re looking for three to five voluntee...
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  10. Exploring the Spiritual Side of Martial Arts
    Be water, my friend. This is probably one of my favorite pearls of wisdom from the legend himself, Bruce Lee. The Great One suggests that in Marti...
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  11. The Inverse Relationship: How Martial Arts Can Help Depression
    Too often, we see the term “depression” thrown around in online and face-to-face conversations like it’s as simple and straightforward as the commo...
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  12. #iamaMartialArtist

    I am a Martial Artist. 

    This statement doesn’t just indicate what you do, it’s who you are.

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