1. Announcing the whistlekick Warranty!
    We've learned a lot over the last few years. One of the things we've learned is that when we make high-quality products, they last. We've often bee...
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  2. Photo by Adli Wahid on UnsplashI was recently consulted by a young married couple about the possibility of enrolling their child in Martial Arts. ...
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  3. The Lowdown on Taekwondo Uniforms
    What really influences our buying behavior? What sways our purchasing power from one direction to the other?

    On one hand is necessity, which deeply impacts when and how we decide on what to buy. If you only have $10 to spare, eating lunch trumps buying a nice shirt, simply because you can just wear an old shirt at home, but you can’t function well on an empty stomach.
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  4. Whistlekick Sparring Gloves - Get Only the Best
    It’s the simple things. Taking a shower before work shows you care for yourself. Spending a few more minutes studying for a test does make a diffe...
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  5. Kick Target - 5 Tips on how to Choose the Best One
    If you’re a martial arts aficionado, chances are you’ve been inspired by the greats and their classic movies, depending on the generation. But whi...
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  6. Announcing The whistlekick Report
    The current survey is: open for submission. There are thousands of martial arts schools around the globe. In the United States alone, there are mo...
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  7. Announcing Black Belt Social Media
    After a ton of discussion, revision and refinement, we're finally ready to help our customers with our first service offering - social media.It see...
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  8. 3 Reasons Why You Should Wear Your Sparring Helmet When Training
    Imagine your head being hit by a wooden cane with a speed of 20, 30 or even 40 MPH, without any form of protection. Would you risk it? This is the...
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  9. How Effective Are Shin Guards Against Unwanted Injuries?
    The common debate when it comes to using all types of sparring gear is whether it defeats the purpose of training. Some say that because you have...
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  10. Discipline and Martial Arts: What You Give and What You Get
    Discipline is what it takes to be an awesome martial artist.
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  11. 5 Tips on Choosing the Best Sparring Boots
    In Martial Arts, it’s important to get the right sparring gear to serve you in every practice, training, or actual competition. It’s not going to b...
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  12. 3 Tips for Choosing the Best Karate Apparel
    Even for products as specific and selective as karate apparel, a proper examination is necessary, if not required, so you get to enjoy maximum quality and efficiency in training.

    We’d like to help you with that by listing the top three most important things to remember in buying your karate apparel.

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